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Project description
Tool for extract and clean OpenOffice documents metadata .

Files supported:
  1. OpenOffice 2.x, 3.x (.odt .ods .odg .odp)
  2. OpenOffice 1.x (*.sxw)

Metadata :
  1. Application
  2. Operating system
  3. Users (Creator, modify by, printed by)
  4. Creation, modification and print date
  5. Title, subject, description, keywords, statistics
  6. Edition cycles, edition duration
  7. User-defined information
  8. Template paths
  9. Printers, databases
  10. Emails, links
  11. Old versions

User manual:
OOMetaExtractor User Manual.odt
Spanish user manual:
Manual de uso de OOMetaExtractor.odt

OOMetaExtractor 0.4.0.png

  1. Enrique Rando
  2. Chema Alonso
  3. Alejandro Martín
  4. Francisco Oca

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